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Natural Resources & Environment

Minor oil spill on highway

Last night, two trucks entered Belize from Guatemala containing oil heading to the Puma facility in Belize, when they collided on the George Price Highway in front of the primary school in Cotton Tree Village. As a result of the incident, we understand that there was an oil spill. The Ministry of the Environment was called out to the scene to deal with the situation.   Love News spoke with Kenrick Gordon, Environmental Technician at the Department of the Environment who explained that the oil that the trucks were carrying were not spilt.

KENRICK GORDON, Environmental Technician, DOE

“It was just a minor spill it wasn’t the materials from the container the oil that was spilt on the highway was from the engine of the truck. None of the products from the truck had escaped or spilled out of the tank which was gasoline. What was on the road was just engine oil- I would say about six to seven gallons of oil that is it. It was from the engine, none of the product from the container spilled. What happened; and I think we were very fortunate in that case is that myself along with the fire department we thought that there would have been a real tragedy out there or that some lives would have been lost but none of the product spilled out of the container. All the products were transferred to three other vessels. The total product in the tank came back to about 15,000 gallons, each of the trucks hold 8,000 gallons of fuel each and all of that was transferred to the vessel and taken to the PUMA facility in Belize City.”

Gordon said that his team cleaned up the spill, but the majority of the work was to transfer the oil into other trucks.

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