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Misinformation or Misinterpretation?; The faulty Guatemalan ICJ campaign

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As you heard in the story, some of the people who spoke to Love News gave different reasons why they voted yes in Guatemala’s ICJ referendum yesterday. Some believed that if they voted “yes”, Guatemala would recover a portion of Belize while others believed that some sort of free trade agreement will be established. When Guatemala’s former Affairs Minister, Carlos Raul Morales made an appearance at the counting station in Guatemala City; the Belizean media asked him if his Government’s campaign was faulty.

Carlos Raúl Morales, Former Foreign Affairs Minister of Guatemala: “It’s not a large section of the population. There are misunderstandings but I can assure you is that most of the people, most of the 96% are people that want peace, I can assure you of that. There are some people definitely yes that they believe in a different way particularly the people that voted no but I can assure you that most of the 90% of people want peace with Belize. What happened is as in Belize you learn one history we learn another history and definitely there is a coin, a coin has two faces- you have one face and we have the other face. We got different histories. What we need to do and I tried to do in my education process is to tell to the people, and you can see my videos I have many videos talking about that, we have an issue and we need to solve that issue and I said the worst to happen to Guatemala is that the treaty of 1859 is valid and it will be good for both countries. I got involved with the education process and I was very clear and you can review my interviews I never said we are going to take Belize back. What I said is that we believe we have rights which is very different and the only institution that can solve that right is the ICJ. I am not a part of the government anymore , this is clear, but if you review my education process because I took some leadership in this process I said very clearly that we need to solve this claim with Belize for peace. For Peace. I am not part of the government I cannot give an explanation of what the president said but what I can assure you is that most of the people I know and most of the Guatemalan people they want to solve this situation with Belize. Definitely there are some sectors that believe that Belize is a part of Guatemala but I can’t do anything about that and most of those people voted no because the people that voted no is because they believe that Belize is a part of Guatemala and they don’t want a solution with the ICJ. I can assure you that most of the people that voted no is because they don’t believe in a situation with the ICJ because they believe Belize is a part of Guatemala. But the people that voted yes they believe that Guatemala has rights and we need to give a solution in the ICJ to have peace between both countries. I cannot control the whole population of Guatemala but I can assure you that. If you can see the yes is more than the 96% and the no is less than 2% then give us the chance to build a good relation. Give us the opportunity to work together for the future, give us the opportunity to know each other because we don’t know each other. Guatemalan people don’t know Belizean people and the Belizean people don’t know Guatemalan people. When we know each other we will know what future we can build but believe me the Belizean people are beautiful people the Guatemalan people are beautiful people, we need to solve this issue as soon as possible to have a border and establish a border that gives people to live in peace in both countries.”

Guatemala’s current Foreign Affairs Minister is Sandra Jovel Polanco.

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