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Montero says Tiger Aggregates Ltd had the proper license

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There are still many questions concerning the blast that occurred earlier this month in the Santa Cruz area of Santa Elena Town, which killed Ronald Sutherland, who owned Tiger Aggregates Limited. There have been reports that he did not have the proper license to carry out a blast of such magnitude. As we reported last night, the Environmental Compliance Plan, ECP, named the Ministry of Works as the developer and the terms and conditions entered with the Department of Environment states that the ECP is quote “binding upon the Ministry of Works, its servant, agents and/or assigns.” End of quote. The ECP stipulates that the Ministry of Works has to obtain appropriate licenses/permits from the Mining Unit to operate quarries or burrow areas. But as was reported last week, the Inspector of Mines from the Mining Unit, Michelle Alvarez confirmed that no license was granted to conduct earth removal blast like activity in the residential area. Today, Love news spoke with the Minister of Works, Rene Montero, who insisted that Sutherland had a license.


Rene Montero, Minister of Works

“Tiger aggregates has a two-year license and that’s what they have been doing all along for the past two years- doing dynamite blasting. You know this is- the gentleman the deceased, unfortunately- he is a professional blaster and he just made a human error.”


“So because there were certain criteria to be in place in order to carry out such a blast like I said and two he wasn’t supposed to be that close to the site that he was blasting.”

Rene Montero, Minister of Works

“All safety features were taken into consideration; the police were there, they were there from 9 am advising the residents that there would be a blast at such a time and they would need to evacuate and just hours before they were there again, about twelve police were on site and they made sure that every single resident that was near the blast area was evacuated otherwise it would have been a major disaster.”

Residents from that vicinity were up in arms over the blast. Montero said such an incident will not happen again.

Rene Montero, Minister of Works

“In my opinion, I think they should have never done that blast in the middle of a town where there are so many residents in close proximity that should never happen. And I believe that we will never allow it again and I believe that the gentleman who died unfortunately made a great human error that cost his life.”


“Now this was to construct a road? Could you give us the details?”

Rene Montero, Minister of Works

“Belize Roadway has a contract to upgrade the highway from Three Flags to the Hawksworth Bridge so the materials were going to be used to construct the road.”

Montero says that the material from the blast which caused a fatality will still be used for the George Price Highway rehabilitation project

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