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Mother seeking public’s assistance to cover travel expense

Further north there is also another story of overcoming the odds.  Raquel Cocom of Trial Farm Village in the Orange Walk District will be reunited with her daughter after winning a case under the Hague Child Abduction Convention. Cocom shares a daughter with a Russian National who had lived in Belize for 10 years. He left Belize for the United States with the child and has kept the child in the US since November, 2017. Cocom was under the impression that her child was going to visit for two weeks not knowing that her baby’s dad had intended to keep the child. The mother filed a case under the Hague Convention to have her daughter returned to her.  Cocom is elated to be reuniting with her daughter, but is short of funds to meet her travelling expense to the US to collect the child hence she is seeking the public’s assistance.  Elisa Castellanos of Tikkun Olam Belize, who has been a great support to Cocom, spoke to Love News about how they intend to reunite mother and child.

Elisa Castellanos,  Tikkun Olam Belize: “As Ms.Cocom’s Human Rights Advocate I would like to just share with the public an update. So what we have so far is that Ms.Cocum we are looking into Visa to be able to get her an interview as soon as possible and then we can fly out and get the child. We are really and truly urging the public because we want to move quickly so that the father doesn’t change his mind and might want to appeal so we want to move quickly and we are really urging the public. We still have monies that we need. So far we have enough to pay the Visa applications, the flight is covered we have some monies given for movement in terms of printing passport pictures and what not in terms of the Visa process. What Ms.Cocom is still lacking is really and truly monies for a hotel while we are in the USA and some spending money nothing fancy but you know to pay for her food, to pay for a taxi if we need to move from one place to another. We still don’t know what we will meet when we go there we just know that we are going to pick up Ms.Cocom’s child and so we are really begging the public if you want to donate please do. You can donate to the organization’s bank account and then send us a message or a picture of the deposit so that we can keep track of who is donating what and make accurate reports.”

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