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Murder in the Village Park

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Alberto BricenoA man was murdered in the Corozal District this past weekend. Reporter Hipolito Novelo has the story.


“Two men are in police custody in Corozal where they are expected to be charged for the murder of 22-year-old, Alberto Briceno which occurred on Saturday night at around 10 o’clock.  It happened in Paraiso Village – specifically at the village’s park in front of many people, including his family, and just a few yards away from his house.  Briceno was attacked by two men, one of whom wielded a knifed. According to Superintendent Dennis Arnold, Briceno was stabbed six times and cut twice.”



“One to the centre of the chest, one to the left side of the chest, one to the centre of the abdomen, three to the back and two cut wounds to the left wrist. Initial investigation revealed that whilst Briceno was socializing at Paraiso park he got into an altercation with two brothers. The altercation escalated where a fight ensued and one of the brothers introduced a knife into the fight and inflicted the stab wounds to Mr. Briceno. About five minutes after the stabbing we got both persons in custody.”


“Our understanding is that one of them just came out of prison; is that accurate?”


“Yes, recently.”


“For murder as well?”


“I’m not sure for what but I know he just came out.”


“Are they cooperating?”


“One is and the other has not made up his mind as to whether he wants to make a statement as yet.”


“Police have not yet established what the fight was about. They have yet to recover the murder weapon. However, they do have eyewitnesses who have come forward to recount, on the record, what they saw. For their safety, they asked to appear off camera.”


“I was standing by the door of the clinic waiting for the rain to pass when I turned around I saw one of the boys push the other boys like friends but because he was drunk he fell. Alberto got up and started to walk away but the same guy went after him and hit him again. Alberto fell then the guy started to take out something from his pants and I saw him stab Alberto three times so I ran to get help from the chairman and I asked where the police man is. I want justice, I want him to be jailed.”


“We ran there, not too close but not so far as well. So I asked him what he would do to him and he looked at me as if though he would kill me too if I got involved as well. I saw him take something out of his pocket and I told him to leave Alberto alone and I saw him take out a knife and begin to stab Alberto.”


“At the time of the fatal stabbing, the park was populated with villagers and so Briceno’s mother is asking those who saw her son being killed to come forward to police.”


“All I want is for them to help me. I want justice because what if he is set free, they would come attack us, that is everything I am asking for.”

Reporting for Love News, I am Hipolito Novelo.

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