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Museum of Belize celebrates 16th anniversary

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Today is the sixteenth anniversary of the Museum of Belize and this year the occasion is being celebrated with high school and primary school students, Alexis Salazar, Director of the Museum says they are showcasing Belizean artists in different genres of Belizean art.

Alexis Salazar – Director

“We are opening a new exhibit today to commemorate the anniversary and we are inviting primary schools and high schools in to look at the different genres of art and they are seeing Belizean artists doing different genres in the exhibit.”

Dalila Ical – Reporter

“Why for this 16th anniversary did you choose to focus on art?”

Alexis Salazar – Director

“It was a staff decision so what we did is that we as the staff said that the museum hasn’t done a lot of art displays and there is a sector of the Belizean community that appreciates art and we are not catering to it. So we did that and of course we want to have students come in and it is a part of the primary school curriculum so this will be adding to the hidden curriculum so they can come and see what the different genres of art are while they do their art classes. So it was a staff decision. We’ve been doing it for two months now with a local call for artists so we are getting people used to seeing art in the museum and now we have a temporary exhibit.”

Salazar also explained how far the Museum has come since it first opened in 2002.

Alexis Salazar – Director

“From its inception to where it is now the staff has a greater technical knowledge of museology so the way they curate is up to par with how modern museums would curate so I think that is one main difference. Another one is that people are starting to come to the museum and seeing it as a community space whereas before it was just seen as a tourist attraction so that would be one of the big difference and now we are now doing more outreach with primary schools and high schools so it’s becoming a part of the community.”

Dalila Ical – Reporter

“What can you find at the museum now today?”

Alexis Salazar – Director

“Today well of course we have the new exhibit, we have our enslaved exhibit that is up, upstairs we recently renovated the insect rooms so that is another new thing that you can see. We have the Jade room and Mayan Archeological Artifacts throughout the second floor but this year alone we’ve had four of five different exhibits come through the museum. So what I want to say is that if you come here on a three month basis you are going to see something new or something different which then makes the museum less stagnant so people don’t go and say well ‘it’s the same thing they are seeing every time so we try to change the exhibits as much as possible.”

The collection will be on display for the next six months.

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