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Music Ambassador says his DJ Competition was Successful

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If you’re on social media chances are there are at least a dozen internet models or disc jockeys on your friends list. That’s why it’s important that there are creative outlets for these young entrepreneurs. There was a DJ competition that was held in Dangriga. Love News spoke to the organizer of the event, Music Ambasasdor Shyne Barrow about the significant event for the dj culture.

Shyne Barrow, Music Ambassador:Well the finals were amazing. We were in Dangriga and we had about 1,500 people at the Alejo Beni Park so that type of support for our musician is heartwarming and it reinforces the work of the Office of the Music Ambassador. It certainly encourages our musicians and it gives them the fuel to keep going as we try to develop into a first world music industry. The Stann Creek winner is the national 2019 Belikin DJ champion.”

Reporter: How does this year compare to the first? Was there more participation?

Shyne Barrow, Music Ambassador:You know this year we took it to another level. I was really astounded at the attendance, everything jumped, we had double the amount of people coming to the events so the support was tremendous. I definitely thank my partners, Troy Flowers, DJ Dalla, Mr. Omar Arzu, Father Stone from Stone Jam, we have a great support system, DJ Special and everyone that played a part in making sure that everything was on the top when it came to the promotion thanks to the media who gave us full coverage and just making aware to the public that these events were happening.”

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