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No Confirmation from FIU on Money Laundering Investigation

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UNIAN News, an organisation operating out of Ukraine, recently reported that their former president, Viktor Yanukovych as well as American national, Paul Manafort are being investigated by the Financial Intelligence Unit in Belize for money laundering.  According to the article, the matter continues to be investigated with Doug Singh being at the centre of the investigation.  The basis of the investigation, says UNIAN News, is the twelve point seven million dollars that Manafort received during 2007 to 2012.  Evidence of these monies reportedly came via ledgers found in the Party of Regions headquarters.  The legality of the payments are reportedly being looked at by the FBI and Ukraine’s anti-corruption bureau.  Belize comes into the equation when a line item on the ledger noted that seven hundred and fifty thousand dollars was paid to a Belize registered company called NEOCOM Systems Limited in 2009 for the purchasing of computers.  NEOCOM Systems Limited was registered in 2007 by the International Corporate Services (ICS) which is run by Singh.  Love News asked the Director of the Financial Intelligence Unit, Kent Clare, if he can confirm whether there is such an investigation in effect.  Clare responded by email to us saying, quote, “As we have indicated to local and international media, in this and other circumstances, the FIU is unable to comment on any investigation, ongoing or completed, until the matter becomes one of public record. Both the Money Laundering and Terrorism Prevention Act and the Financial Intelligence Unit Act put constraints, rightly so, on the disclosure of confidential information (including the existence or non-existence of investigations).”  End of quote.

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