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There is no rift with the PM, says DPM Faber

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On the last two occasions when he left the country, Prime Minister Dean Barrow, chose Minister Hugo Patt to act as Prime Minister. The move raised eyebrows because PM Barrow would choose the more senior ministers of his cabinet including John Saldivar, Erwin Contreras and, of course, his Deputy Prime Minister, Patrick Faber. The second time that Minister Patt was left to act as Prime Minister it raised questions so today when we caught up with Minister Faber, the media asked him if his relationship with the PM was in trouble. He said that on both occasions that the Prime Minister left Patt to act, he was out of the country.

Patrick Faber, Deputy Prime Minister: “I have been out that is simply the case. I returned to the country yesterday and I will leave again tomorrow because I go on an official visit to South Korea where I will spend a few days as a guest of the South Korean Government so that is the only reason why I have not been asked by the Prime Minister as far as I know. I can assure you the relationship between the Prime Minister and I is very good so I’ve gotten a number of messages asking me what is going on.”

Reporter: Is there a riff between you and the Prime Minister?

Patrick Faber, Deputy Prime Minister: “None at all. In fact even when there is, because you know some people are speculating why he hasn’t made Minister Saldivar and Minister Contreras or one of the other senior ministers again that is a question you have to post to the Prime Minister but I can tell you that within the ranks of the UDP while we may not always see eye to eye we don’t have that kind of breakdown down the house riffs that some other political entities have you know.”Faber says that he does not see any issue with Barrow choosing Patt as Acting Prime Minister.

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