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For several days this week, the teachers at the ITVET in Orange Walk were staging a go-slow, their own form of protest. They were concerned over a myriad of issues regarding contracts, as well as teachers who should be bumped up on the pay scale since they’ve completed bachelor’s degrees. The ITVET representatives met with officials from the Ministry of Education late Thursday. Love News spoke via phone to Lewis Ramos, the spokesperson for the teachers who says that they have come to an amicable agreement and everyone has returned to the classroom.

Lewis Ramos, Spokesperson, ITVET Teachers:“We’re back in the classroom because we reached to an amicable solution to the problem. The burning issue if salaries is already discussed and I think my teachers are contented with the outcome and the other issues it is still on the table and we are happy that the Minister has promised to come and visit us in the very near future.”

Reporter: Okay so what is the actual resolution with the issue ? You said you are agreeable to it but what is the actual decision made ?

Lewis Ramos, Spokesperson, ITVET Teachers:“The decision is that because we agreed to it we are going back to the classroom.”

Reporter: But what did you agree to ?

Lewis Ramos, Spokesperson, ITVET Teachers:“The issue of the salaries is resolved we didn’t have any problem with that.”

Reporter: Can you tell us how you resolved it?

Lewis Ramos, Spokesperson, ITVET Teachers:“Yesterday we had a talk with some of the senior officials and Ms.Smith promised us to go and work and intervene for us and she did but she asked us that if she could give us a deadline that by today that we just honor our commitment of going back to the class and she did just that. We are not fighting for a raise in salary, we are fighting for getting our salary that was the ask. “

Reporter: Okay and other issues are still on the table ?

Lewis Ramos, Spokesperson, ITVET Teachers: “They are still on the table and we are promised that they will address it with us.”

Ramos says the ITVET teachers are very thankful to the media which he believes was instrumental in having their plight properly addressed.

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