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Is owning a gun the best protection?

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With the increase in home invasions being reported, perhaps you have thought of buying a gun to keep your loved ones and home safe from intruders.  Love News asked Senior Superintendent Howell Gillett whether owning a gun is a wise choice.

Sr.Supt.Howell Gillett, Officer Commanding Eastern Division:  “There was a survey done, or a study, and it shows that guns don’t save lives so it’s not the amount of guns that you have on the street will save lives because you have to understand its people who use these guns to commit crime. We need to change the culture before we even go after the guns and ammunition in the hands of young people we have to go after the guns and ammunition in the minds and hearts of young people. This culture of I must get back to somebody who has done something wrong to me shows that we don’t know very much about conflict resolution and anger management.”

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