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PAC MEMBERS say Boots’ Brother is Brave

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Edward Vincent Martinez, the brother of Parliamentarian and UDP Port Loyola area representative Anthony Martinez had cause some major upset in the party this week when he called out names of police, politicians, planes and cartels in corruption and narco-trafficking of drugs to the USA. While his press conference was heavily redacted because it could cause libel and defamation of character, his predictions of landing had coincided closely to planes on clandestine airstrips in the north of the country. While we spoke to two Opposition Parliamentarians Kareem Musa and Julius Espat on Thursday, we asked them their thoughts on Boots’ brother.

Julius Espat Chairperson: “He is a very brave guy that’s all I can say, I mean you do those things when you have back up and I hope he does but he is a brave guy and I leave it at that”.

Kareem Musa: “Well I can’t comment on it because I have only seen portions of it on the news and I think it was very sanitized when it got to the news because of any possible liable risks but no doubt I agree with you it was a very brave move on his part and hopefully he has something to back it up and that is what the country is expecting, you can’t just be making allegations, you need the proof.”


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