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PM: On eve of Elections, PUP is in panic mode

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While Briceno is hoping that the revelations will turn the tide in favour of his party in San Ignacio Santa Elena, Prime Minister Dean Barrow said the PUP is in full panic mode ahead of the municipal elections.

Hon. Dean Barrow – Prime Minister of Belize

“The leader of the opposition is the last person to talk about corruption given the fact that he serves for ten long years as Deputy Prime Minister in an administration that has been the most flagrantly and blatantly and notoriously corrupt in the history of this country. He himself would also need to be careful I think he ought especially to be prudent with respect to flinging charges around about land. He was the Minister of Lands and we have done some research and the kind of material we have- but we are not even going to get into that sort of a back and forth. In terms of the Rene Montero issue he took away the people’s land, he turned around and he gave that land – or the various parcels, which he said he had acquired for public purposes to cronies such as Patty Arceo who then subdivide it and the leader of the opposition the then Minister of Lands knew that when that was given to a PUP cronies the whole idea was to profiteer. So my goodness there is not a leg on which he can stand with respect to that issue. Furthermore, it is all old hat, it is not Rene Montero, it is family members who had their land compulsorily acquired I don’t think that that will make any difference with respect to tomorrow’s election, I don’t think it will make any difference with respect to the outcome. I think what it does is to show that the leader of the opposition is absolutely desperate, acting out of desperation, and I would go so far as to say panic. And that sort of thing, that communicates itself to voters. So I think he does himself more harm than good by attempting these last minute stratagems that absolutely don’t have the kind of substance that he will want to pretend that they have.”

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