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Police Arrest Belmopan Resident for Murder

The Police Department has also made a break in the November 19th murder of a Corozal resident who was killed in Belmopan. Jermain Sanker had walked out of a home at 1 Panama Street and got into a car in the Salvapan area, when he was shot as he sat in the driver’s seat. Assistant Commissioner of Police Joseph Myvett says on Sunday, police arrested and charged a Belmopan resident, 27 year old Elquine Hernandez, for Sanker’s murder.

ACP Joseph Myvett: “In reference to the Sanker Murder investigation in Belmopan,  Police have since arrested and charged on Equine Hernandez 27 years Belizean Laborer of a Belmopan address for the crime of murder.

Reporter: “Were you able to tag the accused to murder?”

ACP Joseph Myvett: “Based on witnesses statements and other leads that we were following has caused us to detain him and during the process of the investigation certain information was gathered which resulted in his arrest.”



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