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Police Constable under Suspicion for Drug Plane Landing

On the top of the news we told you about the suspension of the Officer Commanding the Orange Walk Formation and the resident constable for Blue Creek, Norman Anthony. Though his name was not called at today’s press briefing, incidents involving him were discussed. 45 persons were detained in Orange Walk in August and according to reports, that special constable was caught up in that sting operation and though he had ammunition in his possession it was not an offense, according to the Commander of Police Operations, Chester Williams. Anthony was somehow attached the Quick Response Team in Orange Walk and apparently he was allegedly “well known to the police” and particularly his infamy had reached the desk of Commissioner of Police Allen Whylie.

Commissioner of Police Allen Whylie: “He has been the Special constable long before I have been the Commissioner of Police. He has always worked at Orange Walk. I am not responsible for if he is of a belief or what he is doing. If the OC’s there want to allow him influence as you say I don’t how a special constable can have any influence over any sworn Police officer or anybody so if you are saying he has influence; that is influence that they allowed him to get. He is no special person to myself. He is just a special constable so as I said if they allow him then it is weakness on their part but in terms of association with me there is none. I was aware of the operation taking place. We had decided consciously sometime ago because we kept trying to capture a plane and capturing a plane is much more difficult and so we made a conscious decision that we would start targeting the individuals that we suspected to be involved rather than trying to catch the plane. Catching the plane yes is good but we if we are able to disrupt the personnels who is suspect to be involved then that it is and so indeed I know that Special Constable he had been detained before I had even left the country. That had occurred whilst I was here; he was searched and his premise was searched, nothing was found and he was released. I always encourage commanders to look at the personal, look at the authorities and sometimes shift around people especially with the specialized branches SIB and there is no reason why it should not be done with the care taking in the district because indeed sometimes people are compromised or they become complacent and the type of job we are in it will always happen.”