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Police News

San Ignacio Police have two persons detained following a report by a thirteen year old girl of Santa Familia Village in the Cayo District. The teenager in the presence of her mother reported that on September 3 her brother told her to have sexual relation with one of her male cousins but she refused. The girl said the following day her brother took her into the cousin’s room and handed her over to him and left. The cousin then raped her. According to the girl she was also raped the following day. A medical examination was conducted where doctor certified she had been carnally known. Both the girl’s brother and cousin are presently in Police custody pending investigation of rape and abetment to rape.


On September 29, police were conducting patrol in the area of North Front Street when they stopped and searched fifty nine-year-old Anthony Neal of a Pinks Alley address who upon seeing the police attempted to throw away a transparent plastic bag that he had in his hand. However, the bag was retrieved and opened in his presence which contained three point eight grams of crack cocaine. Neal was then detained pending charges.



Yesturday, while police were on mobile patrol on the Arenal Road they stopped and searched twenty five-year-old Reginaldo Morales of Said Musa Street, Hills of Promise, Benque Viejo Town  which led to the discovery of one hundred and thirty grams of Cannabis in his boots.  Morales have since been arrested and charged with Drug Trafficking.


On September twenty fifth, the Gang Suppression Unit was on special operations within Santa Elena Town and visited Carmen Street to conduct a search for firearms and ammunition. Upon arrival, they saw a male person who ran away holding a black plastic bag which he threw away into an adjacent lot. He was identified as thirty nine year-old Shane Thomas of a Carmen Street address who was detained and escorted to the area where the bag was retrieved containing three hundred and ninety three grams of Cannabis. He was then arrested for the offence of “Possession of a controlled drug.


The Police Department would like to advise all liquor license holders that they must not sell any liquor on November fourth 2015, which is the date set for general elections. Anyone caught selling liquor on that date will be prosecuted to the fullest. The law states that no alcoholic beverages shall be sold during the election process which includes the counting. There are those who believe that they can sell after 6:00 pm which is false.