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Primary school students get school supplies

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The Belize police Department in conjunction with a group of musicians is also contributing to the education of Belize’s children. Eighty seven school bags containing school supplies were handed over to the children of Jane Usher Boulevard Area.

Hipolito Novelo reporting…

All Sons of God (ASG) a rap group out of the Jane Usher Boulevard, teamed up with Eastern Division South to make what many parents of the area found difficult, easy; and that is to provide children of the area with back to school supplies.

Tyrone Linares, ASG

“Well it’s very important because we see a lot of artists come and they don’t give back to the community and the community plays a big role in anything you do.”

Hipolito Novelo, Love FM News

Tell us about the song that you guys sang today.

Tyrone Linares, ASG

“Well the songs are basically based on youths and that those things need to stop.”

Hipolito Novelo, Love FM News

Also trying to make the crime and violence stop is Senior Superintendent Chester Williams. He is the Officer in Charge of Eastern Division South and he says that it is important to give back to the community,

Sr. Supt. Chester Williams, OC, Eastern Division South

“One way for us the police to give back to the community we have a lot of children in the Jane Usher Boulevard area who are needy, the parents cannot provide for them what they would need to go to school so we saw the need and we took the initiative to seek contribution from different business establishments including VIP Wireless, Mr.Omar Ortiz, Dr. Carla Barnett and with that we put together a total of 84 bags and the bags include in it exercise books, pencils, pens, geometry sets for the high school ones, tooth brushes in some cases in the bags so the bags are fully loaded. We are distributing to primary school, high school and preschool students.”

Hipolito Novelo, Love FM News

Williams says that this will be an annual event and it will be carried out in different areas in Belize City.

Sr. Supt. Chester Williams, OC, Eastern Division South

“That we are now embarking on recruiting the young children from the areas to become a part of the police cadet cop so this is a way to start and what we want to do is that when we have them in the police youth cadet corps we’ll do this every year because we want to take care of those children who are under our responsibility to ensure that they have what they need to go to school on a daily basis.”


Will this initiative be done in different areas?

Sr. Supt. Chester Williams, OC, Eastern Division South

“Yes I am planning one the Mayflower area next week. So again the two areas I’ve focused a lot on since I came has been Mayflower and Jane Usher and it’s because of the fact that when I came these are the two areas that were creating problems for south side Belize City so I’m doing a lot of intervention and community policing in these areas to show that you can work with the police and the police can work with you and we the police see you as human beings and we  want you to see us as human beings and hopefully once we can do that we will be able to understand and collaborate more closely with each other.”

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