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Prime Minister Defends Foreign Minister

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Earlier in our newscast we told you of some amendments being made to the Special Agreement of 2008 between Belize and Guatemala.  Reportedly, the amendments were to be made public via a press release that the Foreign Minister was directed to issue to the media and the Leader of the Opposition …… but that order was never followed through.  Today, the group, Citizens Organized for Liberty through Action, COLA took aim at Foreign Minister Wilfred Elrington.  President of COLA, Geovanni Brackett, says that the minister of foreign affairs has blatantly disregarded the directive to inform the populace of Belize and that such behaviour is deemed utterly offensive. In that breath, Brackett has once again called for Elrington to be removed as Minister of Foreign Affairs, a position they say he should not hold.


“We strongly object to this because we believe that if the Minister would recall he had received a serious backlash because of that secret signing agreement and so we are calling on the Prime Minister to not sanction this by silence but to do something either to remove or tone this guy down because his language is disrespectful and is obscene and we at COLA continue to believe that this Minister’s language proves that he is weak to defend this nation at any table or diplomatic channel and that he lacks political will to defend Belize at a diplomatic level. If this guy was in Israel God knows if he would be still standing but this guy – his actions and the government’s actions continue to push Belize to a conclusion that this government is either selling us out or just doesn’t have political will.”


“According to Elrington this compromis will have no negative effect in Belize.”


“But then we deserve the right to have an effective participation in the conversation and development of the conversation. We are not a computer and he is not the chip or the CPU that directs us, he is the Minister elected by the people and so should give us fitting time to decide which direction we want to go.”


“What are you asking Minister Elrington to do?”


“We are asking him to hush his mouth basically but his actions continue to rile up the people.”


“Mr. Elrington seems to rub the public the wrong way.”


“How will you ask me to comment on that and in the way that you would like. You want me to dump on my Foreign Minister; I can’t do that. I will tell you or rather I will repeat what I just said, it was my intention, it was the intention of the Cabinet that the public be informed of the proposed signing before Minister Elrington would travel to Guatemala and we had agreed that would be done by way of a press release.”


“Sir would you agree that due to the sensitivity of the issue that anything related to this particular subject of territorial integrity moving forward you have to have the approach of measure twice cut once and the Foreign Minister’s speech he seems to have no thought of being wrong. I’m not asking you to dump on his head.”


“Not only will I not dump on his head but I won’t allow you to dump on his head by way of questions to me. You do that in your editorial comments, you do that in your press releases. If there is any difficulty, I and the Cabinet will take that up and I say to you again, Sir, you talk about this issue being such that you have to measure once and cut twice; Lord man, in terms of what is before us it is straight forward. The country has known for a while now that we are committed to going to a referendum. Initially there were to be simultaneous referendums. If the Guatemalans go first that strikes me as an advantage for Belize.”

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