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Prison inmate receives highest score on PSE

Inmates at the Belize Central Prison who sat the Primary School Examination or underwent the Education Andragogy Training were honored today during a ceremony on the compound.  Marvin Stephens topped the PSE results among his peers at the prison.  According to Stephens he is looking to better his life.

Marvin Stephens, Inmate: “I want to state what makes a person want to pursue his education, what makes a person want to develop a skill or a trade? What makes an individual become a great CEO? What makes an individual become a lawyer, judge, doctor, activist, what makes us inmates move from unforgiving to giving? What makes us inmates go from merciless to merciful? What makes us inmates move from existence to existing? One word, One word: Attitude. The right attitude towards a better life. Today I will share three things with you all: where I have been, where I am and where I am heading.”

Stephens spoke on the self-doubt he once possessed and how close he came to quitting during his journey.

Marvin Stephens Inmate: “Whilst sitting the classes in preparation for the exam I was about to quit due to what many said that I was too old to sit the PSE. I shared my thoughts with my mentor and he asked me if I was going to do the same in society, start something and just quit due to what the naysayers say. I thought about what he said and the truth about it is that I must continue whatever I started as long as it concerns education and personal development so I sat the exam. After the results came back I was called by the Principal who showed me the results. I was amazed of the score that I received, it made me proud knowing that I almost gave up due to the naysayers. This accomplishment gave me the incentive to pursue my education when I am reintegrated into society and I am proud of all the people who have helped me in this accomplishment.”

Stephens dropped out of school at a very young age and was placed in the youth hostel when he was ten years old.  His success in his exam results has led to the opportunity for higher learning offered by the Chief Education Officer, Dr. Carol Babb.

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