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PUP issues release on Vital Statistics

The offices at Vital Statistics were closed on Wednesday. Today the People’s United Party issued a release claiming the reason for the closure is because of internal conflict as a result of corruption. Over the last few weeks, some members of the PUP have questioned the efficiency of the department, especially given the ongoing re-registration exercise. (VO STARTS) Opposition leader John Briceno is quoted as saying several issues and inconsistencies brought to the forefront by persons on the ground, including the under performance of the Vital Statistics office, greatly undermine the overarching objective of achieving a clean and new voters list that should enhance the democratic process.  This comes on the heels of a report that the longstanding Registrar at the department was terminated.  The PUP is calling on the Attorney General and Registrar General to be accountable to the Belizean people about the occurrences taking place in the Vital Statistics Unit. They insist that the Belizean people need to be assured that whatever is happening within the Unit has nothing to do with the usual corruption and manipulation of the system that has become the trademark of this UDP government.