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Government & Politics

PUP throws shade on new UDP Hopefuls Philoby and Finnegan

It’s less than a month before Christmas tis the season to be jolly.  In Belize we have rainy and dry season as well as all year round its political season. The UDP’S Philip Willoughby and Dianne Finnegan have won the elections to become standard bearers for Port Loyola and Lake I.  Willoughby’s impact specifically came from work he did with mothers of slain youths while Finnegan had dedicated her time to educate, unemployed youths and gang affiliated individuals.  Their opponents Cordel Hyde and Gilroy Usher have been embedded in those areas for quite some time. Leader of the Opposition, Briceno said the PUP’s two candidates are more than ready to beat Finnegan and Philoghby.

Leader of the Opposition John Bricenio: “Well I don’t think the Willoughby is a newcomer. He has been running for the City Council since 2006 and so he is no newcomer. He has lost the City Council, because he was a city counselor  and was defeated so he is no newcomer, lets get that very clear and Ms. Finnegan whilst she is a newcomer a a candidate she has always been around the UDP in the higher echelons of the UDP whilst  I know that Ms. Diane has been doing alot of work with the gangs and the young people in the Southside of Belize, I don’t think that is enough I believe to defeat Cordel Hyde our candidate. Cordel has displayed over the years his true love to the people of Lake I. He  has displayed his true commitment to then and he has stuck it through thick and thin and he is always finding a way on how he can assist the people of the Lake Independence area. The same thing goes with Gilroy Usher. Gilroy USher has been working in the Port Loyola for many years and yes he has run two elections and this time he came very close and so I do believe again that Gilroy Usher will be able to secure that seat for the PUP because he continues to work election in election or no election he is there always there working for the people of Port Loyola.”

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