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7145 Slaughterhouse Road

Belize City, Belize Central America

(+501) 203-2098 or 203-0528

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Mon - Fri: 8:00am - 5:00pm

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The Business Hour
Love FM Studio, 7145 Slaughterhouse Road Belize City, Belize Central America Get directions

The Hour

We’re talking Business but not Business per usual

The one hour program offers the perspectives of seasoned businessmen and hosts of the show, Darrell Carter and Troy Gabb on matters that affect the business climate in Belize. It also offer practical business advice as well as highlight and celebrate small businesses and the entrepreneurial journey.

The show includes a call in sub-segment where viewers and listeners can call in in to share opinions and commentary on the topics being discussed or to receive advice from hosts regarding their business queries. The Business Hour aired for the first time, in 2005 on Love FM and later expanded to the Love Television network where it has maintained a popular viewership particularly among the business class and the aspiring.

In the words of host Darrell Carter: The Business Hour stimulates the hearts and minds of the movers and shakers within the business world of Belize. Our fundamental goal is to promote entrepreneurship and healthy business practices to ensure the growth of local enterprises.

The Business Hour is a live business themed talk show that airs on Love Television and simulcasts on Love FM

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Meet the Show Hosts

Troy Gab

Darrel Carter

Weekly Schedule

  • 8:00 - 9:30 : Talk Show

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