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Will re-registration take place in July 2018?

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It has been twenty-one years since the last re-registration took place in Belize and many including the People’s United Party, the Belize Progressive Party and Citizens Organized for Liberty through Action were hoping that another re-registration would take place before March 7 elections since they believe that the voters’ list needs to be clean up. However, the ruling United Democratic Party decided to proceed with the Municipal Elections without carrying out a re-registration.  Brendalyn Staine, Registering Officer at the Elections & Boundaries said that it has just been delayed and will still take place.

Brendalyn Staine – Registering Officer, Elections & Boundaries

“As far as I know we will still be having re-registration first of July 2018. We at Elections and Boundaries after this municipal elections will be doing our campaign, we’ll be doing our voter education to educate the people on what to expect for the re-registration process because it has been almost twenty-one years,  since the last re-registration, the law stated that it was for every ten years because people change their faces and features so what will take place is that there have different amendments. Well, as far as I know, I can 100% tell you it’s first of July 2018.”

The last re-registration took place in July 1997

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