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Relative speaks out on incident where family was ran over by woman’s companion

At least four persons are recovering from being hit by a vehicle, an incident that culminated a domestic dispute in Belmopan. It happened on Tuesday morning after Jessica Sagastume got into a dispute with her common-law husband Darrel Usher. According to reports, Usher allegedly ran a grey Saturn car he was driving over Sagastume, her two children and her nephew. The mother of Sagastume’s nephew spoke with Love News today and told us that Sagastume has been in a violent relationship with her common-law husband for some time now.

Mother of Sagastume’s: “I ran and I saw when they reversed the vehicle into my cousin and my niece. After I ran out to the the street and that’s when he saw me coming and he came with the vehicle to knock me down and I ran and he turned the vehicle around again and hit my 14 year old son, my 18 year old daughter, my cousin, me and my next son but the three that got it the worst was my cousin, my daughter and my little son because he made my son fly. It doesn’t look too good because right now my daughter is taking a surgery and my son has to  go and take a Cat Scan and my cousin can’t move because he has something in both legs. This is not right now this was everytime and every time it was the same thing. I get really frightened because it was a little boy and it makes me sad and angry at the same time because my cousin wasn’t thinking about this and it looks like he didn’t see what happened, that’s why I am vex and I feel sad for my nephews.

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