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Resolution calls for vote of no confidence against PSU President Dareth Obermayer

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The Public Service Union held its Annual General Meeting over the past weekend. The event proceeded as planned for the most part. That is until a resolution was presented and called for a vote of no confidence against the President Dareth Obermayer, the secretary General and the Second Vice President. Today, President Obermayer told Love News that the resolution appeared baseless.

Dareth Obermeyer, PSU President: “I am not too certain if the general members understood what that resolution was all about due to that a vote of no confidence is one that would need to have some grounds, some bearing, some basis as for you to say these individuals are incompetent or are not carrying the function of what the institution expects from us as individuals holding these various post. Now one of the questions that came up was how can you pool all three in one resolution because at any given point the post of the President carries a different function from that of a Secretary General and that of a second Vice President so that’s one of the things that came out. The other thing that actually had me taken aback was how can you put out vote of no confidence on individuals when you are not presenting the basis, you are not presenting the grounds as to these are the reasons why we believe the vote of no confidence should be placed but outside of that it was stated and I need to correct it, it was stated that when the constitution doesn’t specify how you are supposed to deal with certain issues then the Annual General Meeting deals with that. I need to correct that statement because that is inaccurate as it relates to our constitution, our Constitution speaks of the council, and all supposed to interpret our Constitution, not the Annual General Meeting, and that is stated in the Section 19 of our Constitution. Which speaks that if the Council shall make every authority for the interpretation for the Constitution and give ruling on any matter or matter that the Constitution is silent on so by right for that to have taken place it would have had to come around the table of Council of Management and that never did took place.”

Obermayer says the matter, based on the PSU constitution should be over and dealt with. However, Obemayer adds she is not certain whether those behind the resolution are members from the table; but whoever they are, and she suspects that may be the case, the matter may still be brought up before the council. Whether that will happen is anyone’s guess, but the resolution was one that Obeymayer says she did not see coming and adds that she feels it may be more of a personal gripe against her.

Dareth Obermeyer, PSU President:“It places me in a position whereby I am wondering if individuals have a personal gripe against myself or the other two individuals or is it one whereby they believe that what I am doing is against what the organization is asking for? Because I don’t think at any given point I have indicated or at any given point I have demonstrated that I am not for the members. It’s not like I haven’t been out there talking to members showing them what it is that we would like to accomplish. Over the years, myself and the council of management under my presidentship; these are the things that I had campaigned on when I offered myself last year. Our joint staff relation council was nonfunctional, our joint union negotiation team was nonfunctional, our revenue and enhancement committee was nonfunctional. All of these had bearings on our membership.”

The PSU also held elections for five vacant position on the executive.

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