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Robbery in Mango Creek

The police department is also celebrating in its own way, a small victory. A viral video of three good for nothing thieves holding up a cashier made it online and it was being shared with the hopes that the community would be able to identify the culprits, especially since one of them had a visible tattoo on the side of his neck. We are happy to report the Police Department has detained three persons following the robbery of Lisa’s Store in Independence Village, Mango Creek.  Assistant Commission of Police  Joseph Myvette  said the robbers did initially escape with an undisclosed amount of cash.

ACP Joseph Myvette, Belize Police Department: “Yesterday Wednesday 8th of August shortly after 7:45 AM Independence Police responded to the scene of a robbery at a grocery store in Independence Village where upon arrival the cashier reported to police that whilst at the business place she was approached by two Hispanic male persons one of whom was armed with a firearm who pointed the weapon at her and demanded money before jumping over the counter and emptying the cash register before making good their escape. Surveillance cameras were viewed and we are in the process of trying to identify who the culprits are.”

Police say the victim has not decided if she wants to proceed with charges.