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Saldivar demands an apology from Briceno

Attorney Arthur Saldivar and his family are demanding an apology from the Leader of the Opposition, John Briceno. In an interview on Friday, Briceno was asked to comment on Saldivar’s maneuver to try and get on the ballot for the PUP convention in Belmopan.

John Briceno – Leader of the Opposition: “I believe that as party we can decide who we believe we want to represent us or not. Once we and especially in this case where we believe that this gentle man does not meet the qualifications that we expect from our standard bearers so again I believe it is a frivolous case but again that is something that is going to be played out in the court.”

Reporter: As the leader of the party are you at all concerned of the impression that this gives to any outside. The fact that it seems as though there is somewhat of an infighting though it may not necessarily be that.

John Briceno Leader of the Opposition: There is  absolutely no infighting; just need  somebody probably they have few screws loose that would try to do something like that and I think you all are helping the gentleman. He wants attention and he is getting all the attention that he wishes that he could get but at the end of the  day I can tell you that Arthur Saldivar will not represent the People’s United Party.”

Saldivar did not take too kindly to the comments and wrote an open letter to the Party Leader.  A letter from the Saldivar family states that Briceno‘s comments did not quote “demonstrate the character of an individual with the skills to lead a nation much less the moral fortitude of which you spoke of. It is not acceptable in any forum for a party leader whether PUP or UDP to engage in such degradation of any citizen. Temperance and decorum are essential leadership qualities which you failed to exhibit during this interaction.” Unquote.


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