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San Pablo Villagers want justice for Yanira Novelo

A group of villagers from San Pablo held a sort of peace march this afternoon from the Novelo home to the highway and back.  The march is in the name of 23-year-old Yanira Novelo was murdered this week and her 4-year-old son who was stabbed and abandoned.  According to a family friend, Lorenzo Aldana, the march was also a form of protest the way the police handled the case.

Lorenzo Aldana – Family Friend: “ This is what they are trying to do to bring an awareness to the country on what is happening but when I spoke to Miss Novelo, the aunt of the deceased she expressed her frustration on the response of the police. I heard the news today and it was as if though the response that the police gave was something extraordinary and the lady said no. When the gentleman that found the baby in the cane field, he called the police officers and they never came so he had to take the baby to the hospital and it is only so that they knew that there was something wrong and the message came to the family that they found the baby and they went on horseback from San Jose, San Pablo to San Lorenzo area and they found the body so they found it before the police and this is what they were angry about. I ask them also concerning any leak or any information? And according to them the police told them not to interview the child, they don’t want to torment him but the little baby is slowly speaking so they are waiting on the police to act on it and this is why yesterday when I spoke to the aunt of the deceased, she was really frustrated, she was angry.

Rene Trujillo: “How is the four-year-old doing?”

Lorenzo Aldana – Family Friend: “He is doing fine, I saw him yesterday, he wanted to see his mother and he couldn’t contain his tears, I just saw him lapping his face on his aunt’s shoulder. You should have seen that that is something gripping but he is doing okay, remarkably he is doing okay.”

Yanira Novelo was laid to rest yesterday afternoon in the village.

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