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San Pedro PUP supporters protest in favor of legal challenge to elections results

While the trial was ongoing, a handful of PUP supporters were in front of the Supreme Court Building protesting the elections results. Persons like Santos Acosta believe that the elections results in San Pedro Town do not reflect the political will of the San Pedro community, an assertion which the UDP and its Chairman Alberto August refutes. Santos and about fifteen other persons presented themselves with placards in hand to support the PUP’s claim, which August says is a waste of the court’s time.

Santos Acosta, PUP Protester: “The trend that I saw was that he was ahead and I expected him to win by a big margin and when the official announcement was made of only 32 against him I was very very surprised and there were discrepancies that I believe point towards this election having been stolen from the PUP.”

Reporter: What would you have to say if someone told you that the claim that the supposed discrepancies found were based on unofficial numbers and not official numbers.

Santos Acosta, PUP Protester: “Well that is true. The only official numbers come from the elections and boundaries I agree with that however as I said before I was in the counting room, I saw the trend that was in there and I know for a fact that 200+ ballots were missing, were unaccounted for and because of the difference of the margin of win that was declared I’m saying that yes we had a good possibility of winning the election and winning it by a good margin especially the mayoral position which was only 34 votes.”

Alberto August, Chairman UDP: “Just looking at the face value of the evidence presented so far it looks to me without seeking to prejudice the outcome of the case it seems to me like it’s just a waste of time. We are dealing with numbers, one and one is equal to two, basically I am seeing it like they are putting these people on the stand and they are taking them for fools on the stand.

Santos Acosta, PUP Protester:We all know there is a process for counting, a process in observing the election and if the Chief Justice decides that he wants to go on a technicality then we are people who respect the law, who respect any ruling that any Justice would call but I would still believe that we won this election.”

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