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Second vehicle set on fire in Belize City

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Another vehicle was set on fire in Belize City last night. The incident happened in the North Creek area. The owner of the vehicle, Melanie Staine says that she was already asleep when neighbors alerted her that her 2001, silver Extera had been set on fire.

Melanie Staine, Fire Victim: “I came home sometime after 7 or around 7 and we just did the usual we ate, me and my kids went to bed and about some time after 11 or minutes to 12 I was awoken by my neighbors shouting for me and one of the tenants went by my room window and he called for me and when I answered him he told me my vehicle was on fire. So I hurriedly open the door and I stood right there and I watched it burn until the fire engine came.”

Reporter: What is the level of damaged?

Melanie Staine, Fire Victim: “It’s completely damaged.”

Reporter: Is it replaceable? Insurance?

Melanie Staine, Fire Victim: “No I had third party insurance so it’s a loss.”

Reporter: Do you have any suspicions as to what may have happened?

Melanie Staine, Fire Victim: “Well right now I’m clueless and not sure.”

Reporter: Does this put you in any fear for your safety?

Melanie Staine, Fire Victim: “Well actually no I’m not scared at all.”

Firemen responded to the fire and are still investigating what caused it. Staine has filed a formal police report.

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