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The Senators various perspectives

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Earlier in our news, we showed Senator Valerie Woods speaking on just how politicised the ICJ Referendum campaign had gotten.  Tonight, we review yesterday’s Senate sitting to look at how bad it had gotten and what the Senators’ perceptions are.

Jose Sanchez: “Monday’s Senate meeting addressed genuine concerns about the Belize Territorial Dispute Referendum Bill 2019. Senator for NGOs Osmany Salas commented on the politricks of the ICJ and that he sees no bias from the Government regarding allegation that it promotes yes on the ICJ.”

Senator Osmany Salas: “We are here because the UDP and the PUP cannot cooperate on this very important national issue that had heard for, had a binational, bipartisan approach. The Government is intent in doing all it can in order for the Referendum to be held and my read of it is that your position at all cost is intent on halting or delaying, indefinitely delaying this Referendum so a few words on the Referendum office and like some of my colleagues on the side I filed the opportunity to see them at work, I filed the opportunity when along with my Social Sector Senator colleagues we worked with them and the University of Belize to help organize nine Town Hall meetings countrywide. I have not seen them, I have not heard them tell people that they must vote yes.”

Jose Sanchez: “The Senator who says he has been called by God and was anointed Ashley Rocke, “God Pickney” caught feelings with the media.

Senator for Churches Ashley Rocke: “In this very building, I sat and heard that the scale of balance was tipped in 2016 because of infamous Pastor Rocke because I voted yes on the Special Agreement so for you there on the camera that goes about telling people about Pastor Rocke I want you all to know that I have been called by God. I am an anointed servant of God and do you know what the Bible says about touching the Lord’s anointed. It says to be very careful, I have been sent by the church to say we support the Bill.”

Senator Macario Coy: “I will confess my sin, God says repent everyday if you have to so I will repent and give you the vote so Mr. President I am not here to upset anyone. I am just here to make corrections where it is due, see that is my job, that is my responsibility and that is the role I take as a teacher.”

Jose Sanchez: “When he did not quote Said Musa Senator Macario Coy’s six-minute presentation was quite perplexing.”

Senator Macario Coy: “I am not used to those touch touch phone you know Mr. President. I am used to those little Motorola, the little old-time ones, the flip flop one.”

Senator Michael Peyrefitte: “ You high tech still.”

Senator Macario Coy: “No, no, no it is not high tech still.”

Mr. Speaker: “Senator Macario let us stick to the debate and let’s continue please.”

Senator Macario Coy: I am referring to my notes in here Mr. President.”

Mr. Speaker: “Yes, but it has nothing to do with your touch phone or Motorola phone.”

Senator Macario Coy: No, but I was just making a correction there because it was giving me a hard time to open so I was trying to open it, you understand, you see what I am saying. I must commend the Honorable Prime Minister as he refuses in good contents of the course to vote or abstain from the voting because I was all the way at Corozal Creek Technical High School and my radio was not giving me that much of the signal that I wanted of course. The former Prime Minister right so Mr. President, on the other hand, I say to those who have chosen to try to deny democracy, history will judge harshly, with that Mr. President I fully support this Bill in front of us.”

Senator Mark Lizarraga: “Who is our legal team? Have we met them? Have we spoken to them? Have we talked to them? Touched them? Feel them? Heard from them publicly? No. We have heard a lot from the old opinion but our team today. Who are our lawyers today? Because we have to admit there is a genuine concern about the Government’s legal record. That is a legitimate fear and concern.

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