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Seven-year-old Girl – Victim of Gun violence

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A seven year old female child became a victim of gun violence in Belize City last night. Johnelle McKenzie files the report.

A little girl is in a critical condition after being shot last night in Belize City. A family had just sat down to watch the news when all of a sudden a barrage of bullets invaded their living room.  As a result, 60-year-old Judith Rocke and her 7 year old granddaughter Malli Herrera were injured.  Rocke spoke with Love News about the incident.


Judith Rocke, Grandmother of Shooting Victim

“The entire family was watching television at the time when the shooting occurred and shortly about two minutes before the 6:30 news just a range of bullets started to hit the house and we just ran for coverage.”


“Is there any reason why someone would target your house?”

Judith Rocke, Grandmother of Shooting Victim

“Miss I don’t know the reason but all I know is that it was a senseless act of shooting because whenever a person comes to a person’s house they don’t know who will get hurt that is what hurts us the most because my little granddaughter who is only seven years old is at the KHMH right now with a bullet that entered her back and damaged her intestine. Seven years old. I mean this is senseless.”


An eyewitness told Love News that it was a lone gunman who stood in an alley opposite the home, pointed his gun and fired as many as six shoots. Rocke shared how many family members were in the living room when they were fired upon.


Judith Rocke, Grandmother of Shooting Victim

“It was myself, my daughter and the three kids and my grandson, only us watching television.”


“Now which part of the house did the bullets hit?”

Judith Rocke, Grandmother of Shooting Victim

“Well it came from the front part of the house and it just penetrated the wall and I think the one that hit the wall that I was sitting adjacent to that was the one that hit my arm. I didn’t even realize I was shot until I got up to see what was happening with my granddaughter.”


It was just a year ago that her home was shot at while they were living in another neighborhood and in that incident her son was injured.


Judith Rocke, Grandmother of Shooting Victim

“Just last year my son was shot, he is a wheelchair now and I do not blame anybody that happened to him, it was the life that he chose and we will have to live with it. All I am asking is for the young men to please think when they are going to somebody’s house to shoot; innocent people are in there people who are not a part of their game any at all.”


Herrera is currently in the hospital listed in a critical but stable condition.

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