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Shooting Incident on Westline Bus Traumatizes 60 Passengers

Westline Bus ShootingAbout sixty persons in a Westline Bus traveling from Benque Viejo del Carmen to Belize were terrified today after one of the passengers was shot at by an unknown man. Fem Cruz reports from the Village of Esperanza where the shooting occurred.


“Twenty seven year old Conrad Thomas, a resident of San Ignacio Town is lucky to be alive after he was grazed to the right side of the head by a bullet whilst travelling on a Westline bus to an unknown destination. The incident happened around two thirty this afternoon in the village of Esperanza. Love News spoke to the driver of the bus who explained more.”


“What happened I was driving, I left Cayo from 2:15, I was driving through Esperanza when a taxi ran me down. Three young men came out of the taxi with their mom. While they were coming on the bus, a young man ran up behind the bus. I thought he was just a regular passenger that was going to come in through the back of the bus. When he came in through the back of the bus, he shoved the young man in the head or slapped him or hit him but all my passengers in the back said it was gunshot because they saw it and the young man was left unconscious. I don’t really know what went on in the back. The guy just jumped in through the back door, did what he had to do, jumped back out and ran down the road.”

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