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Tensions High within the FFB

The tensions within the FFB this time around stem from the decision to deny Sergio Chuc from running for the federation’s presidency amidst allegations of bribery, corruption and conflict of interest. Chuc has appealed that decision at the Court of Arbitration for Sports and asked the associations to boycott the meeting. Marco Leal, Director of member associations for CONCACAF, spoke about the CONCACAF’s position take on the situation, in particular the FFB’s decision taken to bar Chuc from running for the presidency of the Federation.


This was an internal decision within the authority of the competent bodies within the structures of Belize Football. Mr.Chuc has taken the right to go and appeal that decision I won’t comment on the legality of the decision taken by the electoral committee based on the recommendation on the recommendation of the Executive Committee of the federation I won’t comment.”


All that aside though is CONCACAF investigating bribery allegations against Mr.Chuc and other such allegations that is what we understood from the Secretary General Mr. Blease.”


I can tell you that at the moment we have no such investigations at CONCACAF because remember we need to be provided clear evidence that this has happened for us to start an investigation, also the higher ranking body is FIFA so from CONCACAF I can tell you that there is no investigation ongoing.”

There are moves to have Marlon Kuylen resign from his official post as FFB’s Senior Vice President. He is currently the acting president and is in the running for the post. Some members strongly believe that he must resign from his post in order to contest the presidency. Kuylen believes otherwise.


There was a letter that circulated that was signed from three of the different directors asking for my resignation but no where in our statutes say that I have to resign my position so it was unfounded.”


But how hard is it now working with that management team; that is the director of finance, the director of communications and another director you have to work with these people you are still president.”


No I don’t. I don’t have to work with them but it will be difficult but we are men we have to patch up if there is any patching up to do and we must move forward.”

The FFB congress continued on Sunday however it was halted midway. We were told that while other agenda items were dealt with, the FFB’s budget for its new fiscal year was not approved.

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