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Squatters may get to stay

Last week, we told you of a property in Belama Phase four that is in dispute. Fen Lan Company is the new owner of the property and the residents who are squatting on the property have been given eviction notices. Yesterday, Orson OJ Elrington, the UDP Standard Bearer for Freetown, told Love news that they are in negotiations with the owners to come up with a cordial solution.

Orson OJ Elrington, the UDP Standard Bearer for Freetown:“There is a significant portion of the Belama phase 4 where people are squatting, that is known to everybody. I think it is known across the country and however as we know that situation exists because persons are obviously in desperate need of trying to seek proper housing and opportunity to have a piece of land somewhere so we are sympathetic towards that situation and so I heard the information. In fact it had come to my attention and a few of the residence contacted me late in last week and I said that I would try to have a conversation with the owners who so ever they may be for us to try to come to as an amicable a solution if possible for all parties and I am happy to report that yesterday I was able to meet with at least one of the owners of one of the major land holdings in that area and presently right now we are in the process of negotiating a solution that would be able to be beneficial to both owners and as well as those persons who may be presently squatting on the private property of those owners.

We were told that a portion of that property belongs to the Belize Workers Union of Belize Electricity Limited. Today, we asked Marvin Mora, the General Secretary of the Belize Workers Union whether this is indeed the case.

Marvin Mora – the General Secretary of the Belize Workers Union: “What I can say is indeed it used to be a personal issue and we sent the owners of some properties in the areas where we have our property however it doesn’t seem that he is claiming our lot that we have at the Belama Phase 4 area. He seems to be claiming some land where some other squatters are and in fact our own land has been squatted on and we are going through the process of evicting those persons who are squatting on our land. Obviously we are not concerned because we will do our own investigations to ensure that he hasn’t influenced upon the rights of the Land rights.”

Elrington hopes that the negotiations will be able to keep these families together.