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St. Martin De Porres hopes to put an end to bullying

The management of St. Martin De Porres Primary School in Belize City saw that bullying was affecting their children and as a result the school was no longer a safe place for these students. Therefore, the management and teachers went to great lengths to instill in the young minds that bullying is not acceptable. Love News spoke with Anne Palacio, the school’s principal, who said that hurt children become hurt adults.

Anne Palacio – Principal of St. Martin De Porres Primary School: “From the starting of the 6th of May until the end of May we did an entire campaign where we incorporated into our lessons alternatives to being a bully. If you are one how you can more or less change, become someone who is more kind, less selfish and understand that other people have feelings. We did a whole campaign on that for this month, we continue through the year and it will be in effect September 1st of 2019. The children are entering poster contests, essay contests, they had incentives where you are kind and you show that on a daily basis you get incentives. The teachers in cooperating all lessons, how being a bully can affect you. It is unfortunate but our children live a demographic were bullies, victims, and violence is apart of their lives. We try to do whatever we can at this institution to show them that it is not where you are but where you want to go. We had a parental workshop because that was apart of the campaign that peers themselves are bullies. That transcends down to the children so parents are also involved. We are going to do a lot of parental workshops, lots of community research and a lot of incorporating the lessons of how we can become better persons.”

Palacio explained that the school intends to put an anti-bullying policy in place by September.  Palacio hopes that other schools will follow suit.

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