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Stann Creek Ecumenical Wins SSB Debate

The Social Security Board held their final debate competition for 2016. Participating schools were Corozal Junior College versus Ecumenical Junior College. The topic of the debate was “the criminal legislation of marijuana has been a major discussion in many countries. Do you believe that marijuana should be legalized in Belize?”   The Social Security Board held a regional debate within tertiary level schools. The debate began with introductions and two argument points from each party. Communications Officer of the Social Security Board Gayle Ozaeta spoke about the impact they wanted to make through the initiative.


Anchor debater of Ecumenical Junior College was Kenroy Elijo. He was also selected as the best debater.  Elijo is a member of the Police Department. He told us how he prepared and what his first reaction to the topic was.


The heated debate raised many issues pertaining to Belize, from economic benefits, and medicinal benefits. Then there was Corozal Junior College, who was against the legalization of marijuana in Belize. Hanna Lee presented their arguments.


Debate topics during the entire competition were randomly chosen by a computerized raffle.

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