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Still no motive for the New Year murder of Jamie Martinez

Meanwhile, Police investigators are no closer to closing the murder case of 23-year-old Jamie Martinez. His body was fished out of the Belize Old River on January one. ACP Myvett says investigators are still on the ground in Buena Vista Village.

ACP Joseph Myvette:We know that he was last seen in Buena Vista Village on the 29th of December sometime around 11 pm was the last time he was seen alive. He was at a function in Buena Vista. Upon interviewing his family members it is said that sometime earlier in December he had left his mother’s home in Libertad to visit friends in Buena Vista and that is the last they know of him. It is an ongoing investigation, the police is following several leads, we were in the area yesterday and I believe the officers are back in the area today. A motive has not yet been established but we are following several leads.”

Martinez’s body was found with his hands bound to his back and he was in an advanced state of decomposition. A post mortem examination revealed that he had been strangled to death.