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Survey being conducted for Chronic Kidney Disease

This week, Belizeans took to Facebook to express concern over what they call suspicious behavior by persons who claim to work with the Ministry of Health. One of those posts claimed that a woman in a white van interviewed a woman on her health status but that she did not present any form of identification that proved she worked with the Ministry.  Today Dr. Francis Murray, Deputy Director of Health Services said they have been alerted and explained that the Ministry is, in fact, conducting surveys. The survey is part of a project that government is doing in partnership with the Taiwan Government. It is a community research looking at risk factors for the development of chronic kidney disease in Belize. Dr. Murray says they are now aware of the reports of suspicious people visiting homes with the pretext that they are working with the Ministry.

Dr. Francis Murray: The interviewers, there are between five to seven persons who are involved and are visiting our households and are actually in our communities. They have a T-Shirt that identifies them as working for SIB and it has the various logos. They also have an id card and hence the extensions are that we are most certainly advise them that once again that they need to identify themselves to the general public and more specifically the house they visit because of this new development. They have to present themselves, identify themselves of what they’re doing, who they are, and the purpose of their visit. They also I believe they travel in Vans that have the SIB logo. We are concerned and there is a press release that should come out shortly form SIB who has been in contact with the ministry of health in regards to the development that began late last night sometime I believe. And so we do alert the community that if they do not feel safe please call the ministry of health. They can either contact me Dr. Murry, Ms. Claudette, Decaz Morales who is the information officer. They could contact SIB.”