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Taiwan’s President speaks of the Important Friendship with Belize

President Tsai outlined three decades of cultivated friendship that has been a substantial support to the development of Belize. She did not put a monetary figure to it, but, a few weeks ago, Minister of Foreign Affairs Wilfred Elrington made it clear it was in the hundreds of millions for budgetary support. And what does our tiny country of less than 400,000 do in return for this generous friendship? We and 17 other nations across the planet recognize Taiwan as a nation. China hopes to have Taiwan returned to the fold, and though she didn’t mention China, it was clear the One China policy was the threat that has chipped away international support. At the end of her presentation, President Tsai made it clear that this mutual friendship and recognition should continue for years to come.

Tsai Ing-Wen, President of Taiwan: The friendship between Taiwan and Belize is not built on empty promises or the political whims of our leadership. This is a friendship that for the past 29 years has lead to results. Results that have benefited people across both our countries. From students to farmers, historians to engineers, mechanics to scientists. Taiwan has touched every facet of Belizean society. This is a friendship built on the real working partnerships between our people, governments, institutions and business and I know that with all of your support. This is a relationship that will continue to stand stronger for many decades to come. It is of course world recognized that there are countries in the world that seek to do harm to this relationship. These countries believe that through empty promises they can sway the genuine friendship we have built over the past three decades. I know in Belize you have a proverb for that among many other things. “ Not everything that has sugar is sweet” and I know this is a real proverb because I read about it in your Governor General’s book published 38 years ago. Indeed as your Governor General and many of the distinguished members with us today show Belize is a country of builders, thinkers and writers. It is young country with proud history and immense potential. The people of Taiwan are so proud to be able to partner with you on the road to national development. Just as we know that Belize will always be there for Taiwan. We will always be here for Belize for many years to come.

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