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Toledo roads a “crisis” situation says PUP Toledo West Representative

At last Friday’s House Meeting, PUP Toledo West Area Representative Oscar Requena also rose to address a matter he described as a “crisis”. That concerns roads, which the Area Representative says are impassable. Using exhibits of several swamped roads, like that of the Blue Creek Road which connects over ten villages, Requena asked government to address the problem.

Oscar Requena: “This matter has reached crisis level in the Toledo District, Crisis level. The buses coming out of Dolores, in fact we can’t get buses to go into Dolores. The School buses cannot go because the roads are so bad, the public buses coming out of San Benito Poite are getting stuck on the road, public buses coming out of San Vicente cannot get out to the highway because of the same problem, busses coming out of Barranco having the same problem. The roads are in such a deteriorated condition Madam Speaker that pretty soon certain areas of our district are going to be cut off, they are going to be blocked off from the main populated area or the main town which is Punta Gorda. Madam speaker I am saying this because I have raised this matter in this National Assembly, members of this side have raised this matter over and over and I want to say that this matter is not only unique to Toledo. I am appealing to the Honorable Prime Minister to please seriously address this matter urgently. Monies have to be allocated, we know that there is absolutely no equipment. I am not blaming the personnel at the Ministry of Works because the truth of the matter is that they have zero to work with Madam Speaker so it is in the hands of the Prime Minister, the Minister of Finance, the Minister of Works to ensure that they get the adequate equipment or that they contract out the work because the people of Rural Toledo demand their roads immediately Madam Speaker immediately.”

Honorable Patrick Faber: “We are acknowledging these roads are indeed bad, the Government is trying its best to work on it, in fact the Minister of Works, and I’m sorry he wanted to respond, but I couldn’t allow him to slide with all of the members from Toledo West but I am sure that he can tell you of our efforts; we discuss this personally. I discussed this with him to say we need to put forward proposals to get equipment and all of that and said to him that I will absolutely support him in a circle of our Cabinet colleagues who all agreed that in fact this is something that is very much necessary but it all cost money and if we have to be spending money on all of these settlement deals that have to happen because of the bad practices made by your administration led by some of the same people who are at the helm again, I need to point out then we are not going to progress very quickly but the point I want to make Madam Speaker is that the member is correct, there are very bad conditions, the member raises a good point, we need to give attention to these kinds of road conditions all over the country.”

Requena also highlighted the need for government to rehabilitate government buildings, including police stations, in Southern Belize.

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