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Tourism Police Unite receives donation

Minister of Tourism, Culture and Civil Aviation, Manuel Heredia Jr. handed over equipment to the Tourism Police Unit, to assist them in carrying out their mandate. The donation consisted of five new YAMAHA motorcycles for patrol. Minister Heredia spoke about the donation.

Manuel Heredia – Minister of Tourism

“It is an incentive to the police. The tourism industry is 25% of the GDP of this country and I believe that the tourism industry needs to give back something also to the community even though BTB provides a lot of funding to pay for the salaries of the Tourism Police likewise we believe that for crime to be prevented they need to have the resources, they need to have the necessary equipment to be able to do the services that is needed and that is why BTB with a little more than $40,000 decided to invest this particular motorcycles and radios to five destinations, Belize City, Hopkins, Cay Caulker, San Pedro and Cayo. We will continue to give more resources to the tourism police and to the police department as a whole.”

Twenty eight radios were donated to the Tourism Police as well. The motorcycles will be distributed in Hopkins Village, Belize City, Caye Caulker Village, San Pedro Town and in the Cayo District.

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