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US Embassy Unaware of Alvarine’s Claims of Recorded Convos

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Alvarine Burgess is a Belizean woman who has admitted to being involved in a visa ring with her having the job to take the documents to the Immigration Department in Belmopan for processing.  Her admission is not recent news as she had attested to this when she implicated Minister Edmond Castro in the visa business as well.  In addition to the visa hustling, Burgess has spoken of being questioned by the US Embassy and of recordings of telephone conversation.  When we asked Adrienne Galanek if she is aware of what Burgess is speaking of, she appeared oblivious to it all.  She did, however, speak on the security concerns that the US may have when it comes to fraudulently issued Belizean documents.


I’m not aware of Miss Burgess’ discussions.”


How close is the US embassy following the Immigration Scandals and the Senate Hearings because it does have potential security implications for the US.”


We are definitely aware of the hearings and we are also watching them as well.”


Is there any concern at this point about the security in Belize, the protocols that Belize has in terms of handing out documents and passports because the US relies on the security of our systems for people travelling to the US; Is there a concern.”


Absolutely I think you probably can go back to comments that Ambassador Moreno made during this time here. Of course when people apply for a visa at the United States embassy of course that is a concern that those documents need to be reliable and need to be correct and not obtained through fraudulent means.”

Burgess has said that in the visa hustling she received one thousand five hundred dollars for every trip she made to Belmopan while Minister Edmond Castro allegedly got two thousand dollars per visa.  Aside from Minister Castro, Burgess has also implicated the Commanding Officer for Hattieville Police Station, Inspector Rochelle Chan as well as Government Ministers Erwin Contreras and Anthony “Boots” Martinez.

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