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Vega Speaks on His Resignation

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The news of Gaspar Vega’s decision to resign from the post of First Deputy Leader of the United Democratic Party came as a shock to many. In a letter sent to the Chairman of the UDP, Vega also stated that will not seek re-election in the next general elections. The three term UDP minister says it was a difficult decision to make.


“Very hard, difficult decision. One of the most difficult decisions I have done in my life but I always knew that I would not be area representative forever. The time had to come. I thought that it was the best thing to do so I can give the people of Belize but most importantly people in Orange Walk North, those that wholeheartedly supported me to give them enough time so that together we can search for the most appropriate candidate to take over my position. I think it would have been worse and it is not within my character to mislead the people that I will be running next general election and six months prior to election so I thought this was the appropriate and most decent thing to do.”

Vega shared what led him to resign.


“My political life has put a toll on my life, on my family’s life especially my wife and my kids and the last year and a half has been really really difficult for us with the stupidity of the charge that they made on my character and it was really rough. I don’t think a lit of people realized how bad it is, it’s just that I am not a crybaby and I try to handle things in the most mature manner.”


“There is some speculation that it had to do with lands. The obvious thought that came to everybody is that it had to do with sour grapes. The prime minister took away lands and gave it to Godwin Hulse. Could you speak to that?”


“Whatever I say, it will create other speculations so I would rather say that what I put on the letter was the essence of what I meant. I think it was a surprise to everyone and I meant it that way because if I had consulted everybody would have advised me differently and the decision would have been even more difficult so that’s what I meant to do.”

Vega will remain a cabinet minister until his term is over and while he has decided to exit from the political arena, he will still be an active member of the United Democratic Party.


“I don’t think we will be having as big a challenge as people might think in getting a suitable candidate to ensure that that division remains for the UDP. You have to remember that in that division we have the highest turn out in the entire country. More than 84 percent of the entire registered voters came out to vote. That means that very few people stayed home so there’s not much more that anyone, neither him nor I could have done and the division besides getting the highest amount of votes for myself in the entire country, I did it twice consecutively I got more than three thousand five hundred votes, and whoever thinks that four hundred and ninety votes well they will see.”


“Sir in your letter you said that you would continue to support the United Democratic Party, now support could be morale support sitting at home or it could be what you’ve been doing for years which is a lot of financial support, a lot of work on the ground, a lot of your resources on the ground which has helped to bring in a significant portion of the north. What would your role be in the years ahead?”


“I want to reiterate that I have done that for the United Democratic Party long before I got elected as a representative. Even when I didn’t have in mind to run as a representative. I don’t see anything that will change that. I definitely don’t want a PUP government. The most important factor for my decision was the last year and a half that I have lived as a politician and in truth that is the reason. I have a young family, two kids; one is fifteen, one is thirteen. I haven’t been spending time with my kids for how long and I am going to continue. It’s not like I am leaving my people, I am going to continue working for them, I am going to continue delivering like no onelse has ever delivered for them because I need to ensure that that division stays for the UDP.  “

We will have parts of Vega’s budget debate speech in tomorrow’s newscast.


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