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Village council elections held around Belize

This past weekend saw the second round of village council elections held around Belize.  There are over two hundred villages that will see elections occur over the next few weeks.  The Chief Elections Officer, Josephine Tamai has explained to Love News that while they are overseeing the process, they are not determining the slates by red or blue therefore their report will not be a PUP or UDP comparison.  (VILLAGE VO) The two parties, however, are not leaving anything to chance and they have been claiming victory.  According to the People’s United Party, this weekend saw them gaining one hundred and fifty five seats and the UDP getting one hundred and thirty two while independent slates got thirty five seats.  The UDP sent out a release this afternoon giving a contradictory report of this weekend’s elections.  According to the UDP, “ The highlight of this weekend’s results has got to be the clean sweep of the Corozal District in which all eight villages voted FULL UDP slates. Noteworthy also was the Party’s performance in the Toledo District which, when combined with the Corozal District, resulted in the election of 136 UDP candidates out of a possible 175 total seats up for election, including 19 of 25 chairperson positions.”  End of quote.  With an official report not coming out of the Elections and Boundaries, referencing specific political parties and with politics being as fleeting and fluid as it is, at this point, it is anybody’s guess who is in the lead on the village council level.//////