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Villagers in shock over death of teacher

As we reported earlier, Lewis is from the Stann Creek District and he worked as a teacher at Independence High School. The news of his death has shocked those who knew him. One of Lewis’ colleagues is Ifasina Efunyemi.

Ifasina Efunyemi, Friend of Deceased

“Such a vibrant personality and its really shaking up the Dangriga community I have to say and by extension the people who work with, his students it such a loss. I just saw him a couple days ago he was at the Habinaha Wanaragua competition he was being his lively self as usual and he was also being an entrepreneur. This is an active person in the community, very pleasant and outgoing, my interactions with him have always been very positive in fact he was a recently in an argument with me about the Wanaragua and if women should be in the Wanaragua so everything I know of Desmond is so positive as a person. Yeah he would speak his mind and tell it like it is, he was very open with himself and real, he was just a real and positive person and as a teacher as far as I know he was excellent so I can’t understand why this loss of a person that was so positive and a contributing citizen in the community to have been taken away in such a vicious barbaric way it is really alarming to the community but this is quite a loss for the community I have to say.”

Police are investigating.

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