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Villagers suffer without water

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The village of Gales Point Manatee has been without water for some time now. One of the villagers, Ionie Samuels, told Love News that the situation has disrupted their way of living as it has become difficult to do simple things. Samuels said that it is the second time in six months that they are experiencing the problem.

Ionie Samuels – Resident of Gales Point Manatee

“It’s been a month or almost a month, this week will be a month, and we hardly have any school due to where we don’t have any water within this village. The way how we get water, we went back to our roots. People go to the ponds and the creeks and the lagoon and the good Lord send water thankfully. That is the way we are getting the water right about now.”

Johnelle McKenzie – Reporter

“Because of the water shortage, the school you said has been closed?”

Ionie Samuels – Resident of Gales Point Manatee

“Not completely closed down, first it was completely closed down and then afterward we start to have school half day and then for this week we have it full days.”

Love News also spoke with Sheryl Fuller, the Chairlady of Gales Point Manatee, who told us the reason why the village is without water.

Sheryl Fuller – Chairlady of Gales Point Manatee

“Actually we had the problem about couple months ago, I went into Rural Development and they gave us new pump because the pump went in and to be frank, the water board does not have any money and the Village Council doesn’t have any money and we cannot afford to buy back a pump. They paid for us already but they just didn’t hook it up the proper way so it burned out again and we are back at square one and I am working along with them to try get it back going so it will just take a little time.”

Johnelle McKenzie – Reporter

“What will be done to prevent it going bad again as did the last time?”

Sheryl Fuller – Chairlady of Gales Point Manatee

“I guess they’ll just have to hook it up the proper way ,one, two have somebody that takes care of it to put it on and take it off, three, make sure that the wiring is properly done you know once you have those things and four you have our billing system in order.”

Fuller is working with the Rural Development to resolve the problem.

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