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Water shortage in Hopkins Village continues

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Businesses in Hopkins Village are losing money as a direct result of a water shortage that has been plaguing the village for the past couple of months. As we have been reporting, over ninety percent of the village is either without running water or have little of it. The problem has been negatively impacting households and today businessman Edward Lawless told Love News that he is losing money because of this issue.


“The problem is that the water does not actually reach our cage so we don’t have any water for the day to day activities; showering, laundry any personal hygiene, washing dishes or anything so we basically live with no water for what reason I don’t understand never reaches us. It has been affecting me personally since October of 2017. That’s when we canceled all our reservations you know by the week as we realize we weren’t going to have any water for our visitors basically coming from North America and Europe who play a lot in the sea and do a lot of adventure so usually they would like to come home and clean themselves up and make some dinner so yeah it has been affecting every aspect of our life. We have had to call people who have booked in advance cancel their reservations, refund their money and assist them in other places to vacation. Some of them move on to Placencia and some of them going to other destinations. Some of them have not come to Belize at all or chosen another country for the destination or chosen vacation in their own country.”

The water shortage is attributed to road and pipe works being done on the village’s main street. A community meeting was scheduled for December 28, 2017, but that was postponed due to heavy rains on January 15. The village’s Chairman, Ted Mckoy, told Love News that there is a need for the Ministry of Rural Development to address the matter. McKoy says that he has written to the Ministry several times requesting assistance but he believes that his requests have fallen on deaf ears.

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