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Why Castro Lost His US Diplomatic and Tourist Visas ….

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On May 30, 2017, Minister Edmond Castro issued a release notifying the media of the cancellation of both his diplomatic and tourist visas.  In an interview a few days later, Minister Castro told the media that he has no interest in visiting the United States and is not bothered by the cancellation.  He says that an invitation has been extended to him to go into the embassy to re-acquire his visas but he has no intention of doing so.  His explanation has been deemed somewhat strange and has left the media trying to figure out what really led to this entire situation.  Castro says he is clueless as to why the cancellation happened and so, we sought to get answers from the Charge d Affaires at the US Embassy, Adrienne Galanek.


The Department of State has broad authority under the Immigration and Nationalities Act to at any time revoke a visa if the Department of State deems someone inadmissible to the United States or otherwise ineligible for a visa.”


But what would be the circumstances that would probably lead to that decision?”


That is a determination that is made by the Department of State under the authority vested in the immigration and nationalities act and I would have to refer you to section 221 of the immigration and nationalities act.”


Is that a plausible scenario where it expires in sixty days but because I don’t express an interest of coming into the embassy the embassy just decides to revoke it two months before it expires?”


I don’t want to get into different scenarios basically it’s under the authorities vested in the Immigration and Nationalities Act, Section 221.”


Is it the norm for the US embassy to contact you a month or two before the visa expires to tell you to come in if you have interest in renewing.”


Every individual applicants situation is different so I can’t say what’s norm and what isn’t.”

Interestingly, Castro’s CEO in the Ministry of Transport, Ruth Meighan was denied entry into the US in July 2016.

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