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Will Belize have a better turn-out for its referendum?

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On Sunday, Guatemalans voted yes to have the decades-old Belize-Guatemala Dispute be decided by the International Court of Justice (ICJ). Guatemala’s referendum was marked by a low turn-out.  Belize’s Attorney General Michael Peyrefitte told Love News he is hopeful that Belizeans will turn out in numbers to participate in our referendum, whenever a date is set.

Michael Peyrefitte, Attorney General: “The people of Belize will have to decide if they want to go to the ICJ or not but that is a matter for the people of Belize and I think the government has taken the position, a responsible position to say look this is the position of the government we would like to see this matter settled legally in the ICJ but I think even the government is cheary about pushing for it too hard or holding back too hard we do not want to be accused of trying to force a vote on anybody; that is a matter that is too important. We are responsible for setting out the landscape leading up to the referendum, a re-registration process will take place starting the 1st of July. Everybody you are encouraged not just for the referendum but in general register to vote. Register to vote because unlike Guatemala it would be refreshing for Belizeans to come out in great numbers and just vote on an issue that has to do with our very existence in terms of a country. Whatever the result of that vote is the Government will accept that fully and move on from there.”

The government has indicated that Belize’s referendum will take place after the re-registration exercise which is expected to commence in July.

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